FieldHelper provides a uniqe drag-and-tag interface for creating metadata for multimedia files within a framework based on geographic location and time of collection.

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FieldHelper was developed from 2006 at the Archaeological Computing Laboratory (now Arts eResearch), University of Sydney, in response to the need for a method of managing the volume of file-based information generated during fieldwork (images, recordings, notes, plans, GPS tracks etc.). 

FieldHelper indexes files in user-defined folders and their sub-folders, and displays them along a timeline of data collection. It uses a unique drag-and-tag interface to generate metadata, including spatial metadata, without typing, and generates XML repository packages without programming. It provides a robust methodology to maintain XML manifests for each folder and sub-folder indexed.

Summary of development history:

  • Version 0 (2006): ACL staff, Tom Honeyman (Paradisec)
    Java, APSR funding ($70,000)
  • Version 1 (2007): Ian Johnson, Tom Murtagh, Kim Jackson (ACL)
    Java, internal funding
  • Version 2 (2008-9): Ian Johnson, Artem Osmakov (ACL)
    Flex, internal funding. Development was suspended at an alpha test stage owing to ANDS funding for the Intersect project (below).
  • In 2010 Intersect NSW was commissioned to further develop FieldHelper with funding of $250,000 from the Australian National Data Service. 
  • As of Oct 2012, the Intersect project is notionally complete and has delivered, under the name ExSite 9, a fraction of the original FieldHelper functionality without timeline, mapping, GPS, file metadata extraction, XML manifests or drag-and drop metadata creation. The Intersect project can be found at 
  • Since ExSite 9 fails to address the needs identified in the FieldHelper project, the Arts eResearch team hopes to finalise FieldHelper Vsn 2 as soon as we are able to obtain the small amount of funding required to carry out this work.
See Current Version and 2006, 2007 reports for a full history of the development and screenshots of the different versions of FieldHelper.

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